Poster Ads


Locker Advertising

This is an A4 full colour poster, located inside the locker door, in a gym or Leisure Centre. The ad is displayed in a frame attached to the inside of the locker door, therefore displayed to the user upon opening. These ads are very effective. Here's why:

Gym users typically spend 1-2 minutes getting changed before they use the gym, or go for a swim. They normally spend in excess of 5 minutes at their locker on returning to the changing room. Firstly to get a towel, some shower gel or shampoo perhaps. Lastly returning after showering, drying off and getting changed. The individual is therefore getting exposed to your message on 3 occasions in just 1 gym visit. It's also very important to note that while each locker is open, it's in full view to the rest of the changing room. Therefore your ad is getting noticed by several sets of eyes daily, and offers you better value for money. There are lots of discussions in gym changing rooms. Make your business the next topic of conversation.


Washroom Advertising

These are typically A3 full colour posters displayed on toilet doors, beside hand washing and hand drying areas. These ads will be in various locations allowing the same benefits and helping you reach your target audience.

Washroom advertising provides one of the most receptive and powerful opportunities because the message is often delivered to the target audience when they're alone and looking for something to read.

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